We have just released our first application for Android smartphones. This is a fairly straightforward little program that provides a simple front-end to the Plant Base Online web database. More developments in the pipeline!

PBO Viewer enables a query of the web database by plant name, or part of a name – both botanical and common names are searched. A list of results are shown, clicking an item then gives a page with the details. It uses its own web interface that keeps the data transfer down to the absolute minimum, which is important for those on metered mobile bandwidth.

An “advance search” edition will be along soon and of course ultimately a fully functional Plant Base app with its own on-board database.

More info here – plantbase_newdevelopment-android.html

This has all been possible due the availability of the Basic4android development environment. This make writing for Android much easier and quicker for someone like myself – I very much doubt I could find time to learn and write with the normal Java anytime soon! Basic4android gives much the same end result, but in a language that has a lot in common with that used for the rest of Plant Base. Although it has only been out a short while, it is already a great tool. I was fortunate in be able to try out the Beta versions, then purchased the production software on the day it  was released!

We believe Android will be a very imprtant operating system – it has already made a big impact on the smartphone market and I suspect we will see a lot more tablets, netbooks, maybe even desktop computers running it.

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    A stand-alone edition of Plant Base for Android is being developed. It will have many more features but of course this also makes it a very much larger program to write. Unfortunately progress has been slow due to other commitments.

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