Another quick update on this rather tedious issue.

Our ‘Buy Now’ buttons are back for most people.  But for EU countries (UK excepted) they remain disabled. We took the decision to code in a geo-location check on the IP address of anyone who views our purchase page. We only retrieve the country code and if that indicates one of the 27 non-UK EU countries then the PayPal Buy Now button is disabled. Those users can however, still place an order by email which we process entirely manually.

We know that the IP address geo-location test is not foolproof. We are using one of the most widely used open-source functions for this, but nothing is perfect.  So there is a secondary country check within the PayPal purchase process itself.  Again if an EU country is returned as residence of the customer, though payment has been accepted, the licence generation and delivery reverts to the entirely manual process.  As it’s no longer an automated digital service we believe it falls outside the new regulations.  We hope delays caused are not too serious for those customers. All other customers, UK and non-EU, can use the original automated method and obtain their licence code within minutes.

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