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botanical name:
Citrus limon 'Verna'
Citrus limon 'Verna' © Deeproot Plant Base
common name:  Lemon
family:  Rutaceae
characteristics: shrub, evergreen, scented/aromatic
height: 3.00m
width: 1.00m
growth rate: medium
growth habit: bushy
leaf colour: dark green
flower colour: white
fruit colour: yellow
stem/bark: brown
main season: All Year
edible symbol edible
aspect: full sun
conditions: dry soil, moist soil
preferred soil pH: any
minimum temp: 2°C
USDA zone: 10 to 10
Vigorous and all growing, almost thornless. Fragrant white flowers and large juicy yellow fruits with few seeds. Normally crops twice a year.

Not frost hardy and best with a winter minimum of 8°C but will usually survive short periods a few degrees below zero if temperature change is not sudden. Will tolerate a very wide range of soil types, including very alkaline ones, but will not tolerate waterlogging. Trace element deficiency can lead to chlorosis.
May be grown in large containers. Watering should be done when soil is nearly dry, but it should never be allowed to dry out completely. Must have good sunlight and ventilation.

From seed or cuttings. Named varieties will not necessarily come true from seed.

Valuable for its fruit, well known for its many uses. Also a good ornamental shrub or trained as a small tree.
'Verna' is extensively commercially grown, particularly in Spain.

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