We have reduced the cost of the Plant Base licence to £25.  This a permanent reduction by £10 and not just a seasonal sale price, but is equal to the Spring and Autumn offers that we ran last year.

Effective from today – see the purchase page

The price drop is a part of other business changes that I described in my previous post.

We have now installed the automated licensing system for web payments, so that new customers can get their Plant Base registration code straight after paying for it.  No more waiting for one of us to manually generate it and also reduces the need for us to arrange office cover while we are away.  The mechanism uses the standard PayPal IPN and PDT facilities, which turned out to be a be a little more complicated than first envisaged.  However it appears to be working well.

The new lower price applies to all customers – there will no longer be special discounts. We will also be treating the PC and mobile editions as separately paid products – specifically the forthcoming Android mobile edition (still in the pipeline).  However, users registered before 31st March 2012 will still be able to get it free.

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