Plant Base 2 screen-shotThe new Plant Base 2 has finally been released as our current production version.  This version is 2.1.0 and it follows on from a long sequence of Beta Test versions produced during the last year.

Though the application is broadly the same as the previous 1.6.1 version and currently has the same plant record content, it is in fact a total re-write using a different programming language and database engine.  So it is still a very young program and I’m sure there will be further version releases relatively soon.

The new version has all the functionality of the old one, plus a number of  significant enhancements  (more information on the main web pages).

During recent testing the new program has proved to be at least as stable as the older versions. In addition it has the major advantage of using completely current technology.  This is in considerable contrast to the underpinnings of the previous program, which Microsoft politely call  ‘deprecated’ (it was of course current when the first Plant Base was written).   The new program is coded entirely in the PureBasic language from Fantaisie Software in France – truly a fantastic product that we hope will have a healthy and successful future!

Because the database has a completely different format, existing users who wish carry forward their data will need to run a converter program.  Unusually both the old and new versions can be installed and run on the the same PC, there are no conflicts.

As always, previously issued license codes remain valid for the new version. The code may need to be re-entered for the first install.

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