A new version of Plant Base, 2.1.3, was released today and is available for download.

Like the last couple of versions, this is a program maintenance release. There are a number of bug-fixes and a few small changes to the user-interface,  so I would recommend that  any user already running Pant Base 2 updates to this version.  There are no updates to the plant database itself.

Some requested new functions have been added, perhaps most important is a quick and easy way to rename a Plant List or copy an existing list in order to create a new one.  Also there is a new quick method to switch between Plant Lists, which is handy for those users who often work with several lists at a time.  Another requested function is the ability to easily re-size an existing picture. This is the same routine that was already offered when adding a large new photo, but is now also available from the right-click image menu while editing a picture record.

The  executable for 2.1.3 was created using the very latest release  of the development compiler (PureBasic 5.21).  Using this great programming tool allows keeping the product highly efficient – no bloat-ware here!

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