We run the business from our home and in a few days time we will be moving house  to a new area in a beautiful part of Wales, about 200 miles west of our current location.

There are a number of problems arranging an internet connection for the new house, due to its very rural situation.  It may take several weeks for the land-line and broadband to be connected  and it’s probable that communication will be difficult during  most of  July.  We may be unable to respond to support and other queries for a while.  However, we will do our best to catch up as soon as possible.

As our original business  internet provider can not offer any connection at an affordable rate, we are forced to use a different company. Therefore our old email addresses that use the deeproot.demon.co.uk domain will no longer exist, so please don’t use these.  All other addresses with the deeproot.co.uk domain are not affected and will work as normal (eventually!).

Now I must get back to packing!!




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