A new version of Plant Base is available for download – 2.1.4.

This is a program maintenance release with only minor changes and a number of bug fixes.

Along with the new program version there is also an update to the plant database itself, data release 25. It has been some time since the last data release, so we decided to issue one now. There are many updates to existing records and some new plant records and pictures. However, there were quite a large number of amendments that we could not finalise quickly so these will be carried over for the next release.

We recommend that all users upgrade to the new program version.

For users who wish to update their existing databases – as usual some actions are needed in order to preserve any plant lists or other data changes, please follow the instructions in the support section of the website.

For program version only updates – a small update file is provided and the new version will be able to work with your existing data files.

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