There is a new version the Plant Base for Android app – 1.25. This continues the Beta phase. Only very minor changes since the previous version, but has the addition of an entire new section for plant record References.  This mirrors the references function of the desktop editions.  The section was intentionally omitted for the first Beta release.

Any reference records found for the displayed plant will be shown at the bottom of the page. If the reference type is “PlantBase” then touching that reference line will jump to the corresponding plant record. For reference type “Web” touching it will attempt to open that URL link with the default web browser. All other reference types are simply text notes.  A long-touch on a reference line enables the record to be be edited or deleted.  New reference items can easily be added from the plant page menu.

A reminder – there are very few reference records in the supplied database, as this is primarily a feature for the end user.


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