I am happy to report that the current version of Plant Base for Android, 1.35, has now been successfully tested under  Android 9 Pie.  Using a brand new Motorola Moto G7 Power, Plant Base installed and runs with no issues whatsoever.

The 1.35 version was targeted at Android 8 and previously tested in-house on several devices running various releases up to Android 7. It appears that changes introduced with Android 9 do not impact on the Plant Base app.

We have heard that some users have had strange problems after buying and installing the app from Google Play. Most notable symptom is failure to type correctly into the text boxes (for name search and so on).  Initially we thought this was connected with hardware and/or Android version, but it turns out the same devices can run Plant Base perfectly when side-loaded from a download direct from our website. We still don’t know the cause for this but perhaps some problem with the Play store is indicated?  If anyone has this issue then please contact us.

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