A new improved version of Extra Keys has been released – our small tool that makes it really easy to type accented letters and other characters that may not be on your keyboard.

I know there are plenty of other ways to do this, but it can still be quite awkward.  In fact the Extra Keys tool is our most popular program with very many thousands of downloads (well it is free!),  so I guess quite a lot of  people are finding it handy. ( read more . . . )

Another new Beta Test version of Plant Base 2 is up on the website.

This is mostly a bug-fix release, but the install file also includes the recently issued database release 23.  Together with the features added in the last couple of test versions, this brings the Plant Base 2 package up to a level that is very equivalent to the current production version (or better in some parts!). ( read more . . . )

The first public Beta test version of the new Plant Base 2 program is available for download.  A lot more information and download links are on the web pages for the Beta test.

Some sections of the program are not finished yet, but with most of the main features working I thought that some users may want to to take an early look at it.  As with any Beta software, it is best to treat it with a little caution! However during many hours of testing here, recent builds have behaved well with no major issues. ( read more . . . )

Things have been quiet recently here on the web-site, but there has been a lot of activity going on in the background!

From this spring there will be some some significant changes in the way that the business operates. We are moving onto a strictly part-time basis, to allow scope for other activities. The biggest impact is on the garden maintenance side of the business and other on-site visits, which will be reduced to a minimum. The other effect is that there may be lengthy periods when there is no contact cover, so from time-to-time there might be delays responding to emails. ( read more . . . )

It has been quite a long time since there was an update to the plant database itself, so here it is – Data Release 22.

There is no program version update to go with it, the production program for Windows remains at version 1.6.1 and the mobile edition at 1.7. The downloadable install files now use Data Release 22, as will all newly supplied CD’s. The free web database, Plant Base Online, has also been updated to the same release level. ( read more . . . )

As you may have noticed – there has not been much happening here during the last few months!  In fact there has been lots of other garden related activity going on, but this has left very little time for Plant Base program development. The current tricky financial conditions mean that priority must be given to short term needs. Though the coding work might slow down, at least the business is secure as it doesn’t owe anything to anyone! ( read more . . . )