PBO Viewer Android Apps

These two small, simple Android apps were produced as a preliminary step in advance of writing the full Plant Base for Android edition. They act as a front-end to our online plant database and read the same web database, therefore providing the same information as our PBO pages. These viewer apps have their own data interface to the server so that they use the minimum bandwidth possible, much less than accessing via a mobile web browser.

The two editions are quite similar, one is free and the other available for a very small cost. The significant difference is that the paid, Plus edition, offers an advanced criteria search form whereas the free edition searches by plant name only.

PBO Viewer screenshot 1
PBO Viewer screenshot 2
PBO Viewer screenshot 3

Both editions are available on Google Play:

get PBO Viewer

or the paid edition enabling plant selection by up to 32 criteria :-
get PBO Viewer Plus

The apk file for the free PBO Viewer edition can also be download directly from here:
PBOVeiwer direct download

They will run on Android version 1.6 (Donut) or later. Internet access is required.

Both versions do not have any adverts or other built-in marketing ploys of any kind - what you see is what you get!

The applications should scale for all smartphone displays and most tablets. They have been tested on screens from 240x320 to 1280x800 pixels. Also works on Android-x86 powered netbooks.