An update to the plant database content has just been made available on the website – Data Release 23.

This is similar to the update released about a year ago –  no change to the version of the live-product program, which remains at  1.6.1.  The data for the mobile edition has been updated to match, as has the free web database, Plant Base Online.

This same data content will be used for the next Plant Base 2 Beta test release and has also been tested with the Android edition that I’m working on right now (more about this soon!).  So all editions will then be in-sync!

The update has a modest number of new plants and pictures, as well as much larger number of updates to existing records – about 2,000 amendments in total.

Perhaps the most significant thing about this update is that almost all the data entry and preparation was done on the new database format, using the Plant Base 2 program in its various versions over the last year.  The records were  converted back to the original database format in order to create this release.

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