A new improved version of Extra Keys has been released – our small tool that makes it really easy to type accented letters and other characters that may not be on your keyboard.

I know there are plenty of other ways to do this, but it can still be quite awkward.  In fact the Extra Keys tool is our most popular program with very many thousands of downloads (well it is free!),  so I guess quite a lot of  people are finding it handy.


The new version has some additional symbols and slightly rearranged key buttons. But the most significant change is that it now uses a SysTray icon that remains even when the window is  closed.   So it’s instantly available at a single click and a right-click gives a menu that includes Exit, fully terminating and removing the icon. This is a neater method than the previous option of shrinking the window.

If required the tool can be pre-loaded at Windows startup time. The  idea is to make it easy and fast to use.

Downloads and and more information on the Extra Keys web page.

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