Over recent years there have been more requests for this than anything else!   Well, it should be ready for public release quite soon.

The Mac edition of Plant Base is a direct port from the Windows program and coded in the same language – the spectacular PureBasic from Fantaisie Software.   A large part of the program is exactly the same as the current Windows release and this has greatly helped in speeding along the development. The Mac operating system is however quite different (and new to me!),  so a fair number of changes were needed to switch over and adapt things that are specific to the two environments.  The bulk of this work is done, leaving mainly finer details still to be tweaked and of course some extended testing.


Whilst there are minor differences between editions, they are functionally equivalent. As planned, the database files themselves are fully interchangeable between Mac and Windows, so customers who run both can simply copy their data over.  As they are essentially the same product, the same licence will cover both.

We will soon be inviting a small number of users to test a pre-release version. Please email us if you are interested.

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