This has been waiting in the wings for quite a while, but finally completed and released!  Extra Keys Pro is an extended edition aimed at web writers, computer programmers and possibly technical writers.  It is based on the latest standard edition and looks much the same. However,  it offers the important additional capability of outputting characters in a number of coded formats. These include HTML entity name and code, plus other numeric code formats.

If you only need to type accented letters and other symbols into documents,  then you don’t need this edition – the standard one will be fine.  But if you edit source code files then you will know all about the frequent need to use coded formats for various characters.  Extra Keys Pro could well save you a lot of time and effort. The “Pro” in this case stands for “programmer”.

Considering its intended purpose, we decided to make a small charge for this edition of the product. At only £6 (GBP currency) for a life-time licence, we think users will find it good value.  The standard edition will of course always remain free.

More information on the Extra Keys Pro web page.

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    I am just about to suggest ‘Extra Keys’ to my colleagues on an OU Spanish course – I find it a wonderful tool, and frequently say a mental ‘Thank you, Geoff’ for both ‘inventing’ the accent keyboard and for so generously providing it free. Joan

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