Finally found time to complete the release of an updated Plant Base program version.  This is 2.1.5 and it’s a fairly minor maintenance release, but the update should be worthwhile for most existing users.  It is of course now the current downloadable version for all new users.

There is are no changes to the plant data with this release (that will come at a later date).  So existing users can download and run the small update  file, which as usual is very quick and easy to install.

A small but handy enhancement has been added – the plant record history is now remembered between sessions.  It’s surprising how often this comes in useful!  There are also a few improvements to the reporting function, which is a feature that will most likely get further attention in the future.

This version update is for both Windows and Mac OSX edition.  The Mac program should still be thought of as in the Beta test phase – it’s only early days yet.  However, for us it has been completely solid and at least as usable as on Windows (avid Mac aficionados would probably say that it’s better!).  The tricky part for us is that we only have one small iMac for development and so it’s not practical to run our own testing under different OSX release. Any feedback is therefore welcome.

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