An updated version of Plant Base is released and available on the downloads page – 2.1.7.

This is essentially another maintenance release and there are no really big changes. It does contain some important bug fixes, so it is a recommended update for all existing users.

A handy small feature has been added – searches on the Plant Selector form are now remembered as a history. The criteria for the previous 200 searches are stored and can be retrieved by date and time, or just scanning back through.

There are also a few other minor changes to the program and a new release of the database is included – we are now on Release 27.

For new users, the trial period has been extended to 20 days.

For Mac users who run Plant Base from the normal Applications folder, the configuration settings file, PlantBase.prefs, has be relocated to the ~/Library/Application Support folder. Hopefully this will avoid any confusions with Mac’s plist files in the previously used Preferences folder. Our testing for the MacOS edition is much more limited than for Windows as we only have one machine. That system must necessarily remain on an old release of the operating system, so we cannot test on later ones.

Testing for the Windows edition has been done on XP, Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

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