Over time I’ve had a few messages from users who have had various problems when running Plant Base on the later versions of the Mac operating systems. This is difficult because in most cases I cannot reproduce or verify the issues. My Mac development machine needs to stay on an old version of the OS in order to maximise compatibility. However, a visiting family member recently¬† turned up with a rather swish MacBook running the latest MacOS Mojave.¬† He was kind enough to load and test Plant Base 2.1.9.

I’m pleased to say that the application installed and ran with no problems whatsoever. His system was already enabled to allow installation of non-store applications, so after downloading the standard .dmg file, Plant Base was up and running in a couple of minutes. No fuss and everything worked correctly.

PB Screenshot MacOS Mojave

PB Screenshot MacOS Mojave

Unfortunately no amount of testing can guarantee problem-free running on every system as there are innumerable possible variations of end-user’s hardware and configuration. But this test does give good verification that in principle the Plant Base program will execute on most Mac systems, right up to the latest releases.

The current standard Plant Base for Mac is a 32-bit application. In the near future Apple intend to end support for 32-bit. A 64-bit edition of the Plant Base program already exists but is not on general release yet due to the limited ability of in-house testing. It’s available on request and we are looking at providing it for normal download.


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