New update of Plant Base was released today and is available on the Download page. This is for all desktop/laptop editions – Windows, MacOS and Linux.

It is another maintenance release with some bug fixes and small changes for the user interface. Probably the most notable changes are a much improved method to enter multiple common names or synonyms when adding or editing a plant record and also a very small but handy feature of the colour selector tool window, allowing a simple double-click on the required colour.

The Linux edition has a lot more small adjustments to the user interface. They are not very noticeable but improve compatibility with a wider range of desktop environment and themes. For example running on some KDE Plasma distros caused horrible window colouring that made it unusable, this has now been fixed and looks good on our test system. Having said that – please bear in mind that Linux DE and theme settings can have a dramatic effect on the window appearance!

There is no change to the plant data this time around, the database files are the same as with the previous version.

All existing users are recommended to update to the new program version. As always this is very quick and easy, needing only the small download.


Plant Base on MX Linux 19.3 KDE Plasma


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