Extra Keys Pro edition

Extra Keys Pro screenshot

Extra Keys Pro is a special edition based on the basic Extra Keys tool but with the important additional feature of being able to output each character in several different encoded formats. Like the standard edition it is now free to use.

In this case "Pro" stands for "Programmer". If you need to edit HTML web pages or program source code files then this is the edition for you.

There are many situations when it is not safe to use the plain character in source files They should instead be entered as an HTML entity, decimal or hexadecimal code. Extra Keys Pro gives a method to do this very quickly and easily, with a single click and without needing to remember any codes.

As well as sending plain characters to other applications and the Windows clipboard (exactly the same as the standard edition) the Pro edition is able to output in these formats:

  • HTML entity name
  • HTML entity code as decimal
  • HTML entity code as hexadecimal
  • Unicode code point
  • "\u" escaped hexadecimal
  • percent encoded UTF8
  • decimal character code
  • hexadecimal character code, with 3 different prefixes (0x, $ or &H)


comparison of editions Extra Keys Extra Keys Pro
enter characters into other applications and clipboard tick - yes tick - yes
enter character entity names and numeric codes cross - no tick - yes
single run-time file, minimal, very simple tick - yes cross - no
persistent configuration, more options, uses a settings file cross - no tick - yes
6 additional key-sets cross - no tick - yes