Android Plant Base edition new Beta version released

There is a new version the Plant Base for Android app – 1.25. This continues the Beta phase. Only very minor changes since the previous version, but has the addition of an entire new section for plant record References. This mirrors the references function of the desktop editions. The section was intentionally omitted for the [continue reading …]

Android Plant Base edition Beta testing

We are now starting Beta testing of the Plant Base for Android on-board database edition. The Beta test download is available to registered users of Plant Base for PC and Mac. All the details, download and installation guide will be published on the main website very soon.

This has been a background project for a [continue reading …]

Plant Base new version (2.1.6)

A new version of Plant Base is released – 2.1.6. This time it includes updated database contents, which is at Release 26.

The program version is basically a minor maintenance release, with no obvious big changes. The main incentive for the release was to bring the executable build up to the latest available code [continue reading …]

EU VAT 2015 Update 2

Another quick update on this rather tedious issue.

Our ‘Buy Now’ buttons are back for most people. But for EU countries (UK excepted) they remain disabled. We took the decision to code in a geo-location check on the IP address of anyone who views our purchase page. We only retrieve the country code and if [continue reading …]

Website re-vamp

I’m a bit of a stick-in-the-mud when it comes to web design – I like simple informative web pages that just “do the job” and don’t tend to follow the latest design fashions. So our site has not changed overall for a long time. However, there is a specific issue that clearly needs improvement, which [continue reading …]

EU VAT 2015 – Update

I have spent a lot of time recently looking at this, but have not found a satisfactory solution so far.

We have disabled the “Buy Now” buttons on the website, so purchases cannot be made using the automated method. It is still perfectly possible to purchase software licences from us by simply sending a request [continue reading …]

EU VAT Changes for 2015 – Impact on Our Business

The EU regulations about paying VAT for the sale of “digital services” are changing with effect from 1st January 2015. There is masses of information and comments on this subject all over the Internet, so I’m not going to describe every aspect of it here (just boring for most people anyway!). I think however, that [continue reading …]

Plant Base new version (2.1.5)

Finally found time to complete the release of an updated Plant Base program version. This is 2.1.5 and it’s a fairly minor maintenance release, but the update should be worthwhile for most existing users. It is of course now the current downloadable version for all new users.

There is are no changes to the plant [continue reading …]

Relocation Progress

There has been very little business activity in recent months due to our house move. We have been totally preoccupied by the huge amount of practical issues involved – this was much more than a change of house and more a change of life-style in a very different location!

However, things are gradually settling down [continue reading …]

Deeproot Software is Moving

We run the business from our home and in a few days time we will be moving house to a new area in a beautiful part of Wales, about 200 miles west of our current location.

There are a number of problems arranging an internet connection for the new house, due to its very rural [continue reading …]