Plant Base Mac OSX edition released for Beta testing

The Beta Test release for Plant Base Mac OSX edition is now available for download.

Preliminary testing has gone well. However, please remember that this is essentially a new program for the Mac operating system and there will be further development, bug fixes and so on.

It appears there are not many choices of real [continue reading ...]

Coming soon – native Mac OSX edition of Plant Base

Over recent years there have been more requests for this than anything else! Well, it should be ready for public release quite soon.

The Mac edition of Plant Base is a direct port from the Windows program and coded in the same language – the spectacular PureBasic from Fantaisie Software. A large part of the [continue reading ...]

Extra Keys ‘Pro’ edition is released

This has been waiting in the wings for quite a while, but finally completed and released! Extra Keys Pro is an extended edition aimed at web writers, computer programmers and possibly technical writers. It is based on the latest standard edition and looks much the same. However, it offers the important additional capability of outputting [continue reading ...]

Extra Keys new version 2.2.0

A new version of Extra Keys has been released, which is a major change in one respect as it introduces selectable sets of keys. This enables a big increase in the number of character keys, in fact there are now over 600 unique characters available.

The characters are grouped by alphabets and languages that [continue reading ...]

Plant Base – changing the order of menu buttons

Since the first versions, the Plant Base program has offered a function menu of large buttons at the left side of the window. These give quick access to some of the most common functions. They repeat some of the functions from the traditional top menu-bar, so some users don’t use them at all (and don’t [continue reading ...]

Plant Base 2 new version (2.1.3)

A new version of Plant Base, 2.1.3, was released today and is available for download.

Like the last couple of versions, this is a program maintenance release. There are a number of bug-fixes and a few small changes to the user-interface, so I would recommend that any user already running Pant Base 2 updates [continue reading ...]

Plant Base 2 new version (2.1.2)

A new version of Plant Base is available for download – 2.1.2.

This is a program maintenance release with only minor changes and no updates to the plant database itself.

As with version 2.1.1, there is no urgency to update, unless directly affected by the issues fixed. There are a couple of bug-fixes to the [continue reading ...]

Plant base 2 new version

A new version of Plant Base is available for download – 2.1.1.

This is bug-fix only release with no feature changes or updates to the database. For users already on 2.1.0 there is no urgency to update, unless directly affected by the issues fixes. The most significant resolves an issue that prevented plant list being [continue reading ...]

Plant Base 2 full release

The new Plant Base 2 has finally been released as our current production version. This version is 2.1.0 and it follows on from a long sequence of Beta Test versions produced during the last year.

Though the application is broadly the same as the previous 1.6.1 version and currently has the same plant record content, [continue reading ...]

Typing accented letters – new version of Extra Keys

A new improved version of Extra Keys has been released – our small tool that makes it really easy to type accented letters and other characters that may not be on your keyboard.

I know there are plenty of other ways to do this, but it can still be quite awkward. In fact the Extra [continue reading ...]