A new version of Plant Base, 2.1.3, was released today and is available for download.

Like the last couple of versions, this is a program maintenance release. There are a number of bug-fixes and a few small changes to the user-interface,  so I would recommend that  any user already running Pant Base 2 updates to this version.  There are no updates to the plant database itself. ( read more . . . )

A new version of Plant Base is available for download – 2.1.2.

This is a program maintenance release with only minor changes and no updates to the plant database itself.

As with version 2.1.1,  there is no urgency to update, unless directly affected by the issues fixed.  There are a couple of bug-fixes to the HTML Reporting function and also a small change to the behavior when deleting an  entry from a Plant List.  Also the program executable is created using the latest release  of the development compiler (PureBasic 5.20), which may give improved stability and efficiency. ( read more . . . )

A new version of Plant Base is available for download – 2.1.1.

This is bug-fix only release with no feature changes or updates to the database.  For users already on 2.1.0 there is no urgency to update, unless directly affected by the issues fixes. The most significant resolves an issue that prevented plant list being imported from text files. ( read more . . . )

The new Plant Base 2 has finally been released as our current production version.  This version is 2.1.0 and it follows on from a long sequence of Beta Test versions produced during the last year.

Though the application is broadly the same as the previous 1.6.1 version and currently has the same plant record content, it is in fact a total re-write using a different programming language and database engine.  So it is still a very young program and I’m sure there will be further version releases relatively soon. ( read more . . . )

A new improved version of Extra Keys has been released – our small tool that makes it really easy to type accented letters and other characters that may not be on your keyboard.

I know there are plenty of other ways to do this, but it can still be quite awkward.  In fact the Extra Keys tool is our most popular program with very many thousands of downloads (well it is free!),  so I guess quite a lot of  people are finding it handy. ( read more . . . )

We have recently changed our Cookie Law compliance so that we now use a kind of semi-implied consent.  We still show a banner asking first-time website users to agree to our use of cookies, but it no longer blocks continued navigation of the site and the notice is now shown as a bar at the bottom of the page.  The notice is still more conspicuous than many – so we can be sure that users are well informed. ( read more . . . )

Another new Beta Test version of Plant Base 2 is up on the website.

This is mostly a bug-fix release, but the install file also includes the recently issued database release 23.  Together with the features added in the last couple of test versions, this brings the Plant Base 2 package up to a level that is very equivalent to the current production version (or better in some parts!). ( read more . . . )

You will have noticed by now that when first visiting this website, and many others, you see some kind of notice about the use of web cookies.

If you didn’t know already, cookies are just small text files on your computer that are accessed by the web browser.  They have various uses, but as they can be used to gather information about your web activities they are now subject to the EU e-Privacy Directive regulations. In the UK this is implemented by the Information Commissioner’s Office. ( read more . . . )