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botanical name:
Abeliophyllum distichum
Abeliophyllum distichum © Deeproot Plant Base
common name:  White Forsythia
family:  Oleaceae
characteristics: shrub, scented/aromatic
height: 1.50m
width: 1.50m
growth rate: medium
growth habit: bushy
leaf colour: green
flower colour: white
stem/bark: brown
main season: Spring
aspect: full sun
conditions: moist soil
preferred soil pH: neutral
minimum temp: -35°C
USDA zone: 4 to 8
Unusual Korean shrub, slow growing with a twiggy rather untidy habit. Good display of white, scented flowers on the bare stems in early spring.

Performs best in areas with warm summers and cold winters. Best positioned against a south facing wall. Dislikes very alkaline soil.

Prune established plants after flowering. Old wood may be cut to the base to encourage new shoots.

By cuttings or layering.

Most often trained as a wall shrub.

other notes:
pronounced: a-bee-lee-oh-FIL-um DIS-ti-kum
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