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botanical name:
Araucaria araucana
Araucaria araucana © Deeproot Plant Base
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common name:  Monkey Puzzle Tree, Chile Pine
family:  Araucariaceae
characteristics: conifer, evergreen
height: 30.00m
width: 25.00m
growth rate: slow
growth habit: broad headed
leaf colour: dark green
flower colour:
fruit colour: light brown
stem/bark: brown
main season: All Year
edible symbol edible
aspect: full sun, part shade
conditions: moist soil, sandy soil, coastal
preferred soil pH: neutral-acid
minimum temp: -20°C
USDA zone: 7 to 10
Eventually making a large tree with tall straight trunk. Well known for its distinctive regular branching habit with rigid, sharp scale-like leaves arranged in spirals around the length of the branches. The large cones take 2 or 3 years to mature and then disintegrate when the seeds are ripe.

Needs moist, well drained loamy soil and good light and air quality, otherwise tends to loose lower branches. Can grow quite quickly in favourable conditions when young, sometimes reaching 6 metres in ten years, but then slows down.
Although often planted in urban areas, it does not tolerate high levels of polution. Grows well in coastal areas.
Susceptible to honey fungus.

From seed.

Specimen tree.

The seeds are edible.

other notes:
Native to Argentina and Chile and is the national tree of Chile.

Very ancient species that had a more widespread distribution in prehistoric times. Its remains have been found as fossils.
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