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botanical name:
Fascicularia bicolor
Fascicularia bicolor © Deeproot Plant Base
synonyms:  Fascicularia andina, Fascicularia pitcairniifolia
family:  Bromeliaceae
characteristics: perennial, evergreen
height: 0.45m
width: 0.60m
growth rate:
growth habit:
leaf colour: red & green
flower colour: light blue
main season: Summer
aspect: full sun
conditions: dry soil, moist soil
preferred soil pH: any
minimum temp: 2°C
USDA zone: 10 to 10
Terrestrial bromeliad forming rosettes of slender, rigid, spiny-toothed leaves, the inner ones becoming bright red during summer, when the dense central corymbs of pale blue flowers, surrounded by white bracts, are produced.

Poor, sharply drained soil in full sun. Dislikes excessive winter wet. Regarded as tender, but survives outdoors in mild British gardens.

By seed, sown in winter or spring at about 27°C, or by division in spring or summer.

other notes:
The name Fascicularia pitcairniifolia is sometimes incorrectly used for this species, it is in fact a synonym for Ochagavia litoralis.
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