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botanical name:
Fatsia japonica
Fatsia japonica © Deeproot Plant Base
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common name:  False Castor Oil Plant
synonyms:  Aralia sieboldii
family:  Araliaceae
characteristics: shrub, evergreen
height: 3.00m
width: 3.00m
growth rate: medium
growth habit: bushy
leaf colour: green
flower colour: white
fruit colour: black
stem/bark: green
main season: All Year
aspect: part shade, shade
conditions: dry soil, moist soil, clay soil, sandy soil
preferred soil pH: neutral-acid
minimum temp: -10°C
USDA zone: 8 to 11
Very large, shiny, lobed leaves, giving an exotic appearance. Thick, erect stems. It has candelabra-like white flowers in October, followed by blue-black fruits.

Best in moist, humus-rich, acid soils, but tolerates a wide range of conditions, including light-sandy and heavy-clay soils. May become chlorotic in nutrient deficient soils. Prefers shade.

other notes:
pronounced: FAT-see-a ja-PON-i-ka
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