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botanical name:
Fumaria officinalis
Fumaria officinalis © Deeproot Plant Base
common name:  Common Fumitory, Earthsmoke
family:  Fumariaceae
characteristics: annual/biennial, evergreen
height: 0.30m
width: 0.30m
growth rate: medium
growth habit:
leaf colour: grey-green
flower colour: purple
fruit colour: green
stem/bark: purple & green
main season: All Year
medicinal symbol medicinal
aspect: full sun, part shade
conditions: moist soil, sandy soil, coastal
preferred soil pH: neutral-alkaline
minimum temp: -18°C
USDA zone: 7 to 9
Annual or sometimes perennial wildflower of semi-erect to sprawling habit. 2-pinnate greyish green leaves. Stems and leaves may become purple flushed. Racemes of pinkish-purple flowers with dark purple-red tips, mainly produced from March to November but also through winter in mild areas. Small, round, berry-like fruits follow.

Thrives on sandy and medium loams, in sun or part shade.

From seed.

Traditional medicinal herb used to treat skin conditions and as an eyewash.

other notes:
Locally common European native, especially in North Western areas, including Britain. Occurs in grassy waysides and disturbed ground, regarded as a weed of arable land and gardens.

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