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botanical name:
Hypholoma fasciculare
Hypholoma fasciculare © Deeproot Plant Base
common name:  Sulphur Tuft, Clustered Woodlover
synonyms:  Psilocybe fascicularis, Nematoloma fasciculare, Naematoloma fasciculare
family:  Strophariaceae
characteristics: fungus
height: 0.15m
width: 0.07m
growth rate:
growth habit:
leaf colour:
flower colour:
fruit colour: golden
stem/bark: yellow
main season: Autumn
poison symbol poisonous or irritant
aspect: part shade, shade
conditions: wet/waterlogged soil
preferred soil pH: any
minimum temp: -29°C
USDA zone: 5 to 9
Very common and widespread fungus, often grows in large clusters on dead stumps and fallen tree branches. Dome-shaped caps are sulphur-yellow, darker tan-orange in the centres, with yellow gills and flesh. The gills becoming dark brown with age. Purplish-brown spores. The stems are often curved and also yellow. Usually appearing between June and November.

Grows on dead and rotting wood or sometimes in grass but associated with old tree roots.

By spores

other notes:
Toxic, causing vomiting and diarrhoea.
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