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botanical name:
Lycoperdon perlatum
Lycoperdon perlatum © Deeproot Plant Base
synonyms:  Lycoperdon gemmatum
characteristics: fungus
height: 0.09m
width: 0.06m
growth rate: medium
growth habit:
leaf colour:
flower colour:
fruit colour: buff
stem/bark: buff
main season: Autumn
edible symbol edible
aspect: part shade, shade
conditions: moist soil
preferred soil pH: neutral-alkaline
minimum temp: -15°C
USDA zone: 7 to 8
Puff-ball like toadstool, but with a distinct stem and a rounded, hollow head. Densely covered by small pyramidal warts. Head and stem are white at first, becoming yellowish-buff. The head forms a central opening at through which it releases the olivey brown spores. Fruiting bodies produced from summer to late autumn.

Likes a woodland or woodland edge habit with plenty of leaf mould in the soil. However, seems to thrive in areas with thin chalky soils.

From spores.

Edible when young.

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