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botanical name:
Musa velutina
Musa velutina © Deeproot Plant Base
common name:  Pink Dwarf Banana, Red Banana
synonyms:  Musa dasycarpa
family:  Musaceae
characteristics: perennial
height: 2.00m
width: 2.00m
growth rate: fast
growth habit: clump
leaf colour: green
flower colour: pink
fruit colour: pink
stem/bark: green
main season: Summer
edible symbol edible
aspect: full sun, part shade
conditions: moist soil
preferred soil pH: neutral
minimum temp: 10°C
USDA zone: 9 to 11
Large rhizomatous perennial that eventually forms a clump with multiple thick erect stems. Lush foliage of very large green leaves, slightly bronze tinted when young and often with pinkish or purple midribs. Pink to orange-yellow flowers are followed by clusters of velvety bright pink fruits. The fruits split open naturally as they mature. Much shorter growing than most bananas.

Best in warm, humid conditions with fertile, constantly moist soil in sun or part shade. Does not like dry conditions, so needs regularly watering, particularly when container grown.
In cool temperate areas should be grown in a large container under glass, but may be moved outside in summer. Some people claim that the rootstock is winter hardy and will survive short periods below freezing with suitable protection, producing new stems in spring.

From seed, can be slow and erratic to germinate. Best sown in pots or trays and placed in a propagator at about 25°C.

Also by division of rhizomes.

Makes an exotic large patio or conservatory plant.

Fruits are edible, but contain many quite large seeds. Mainly grown as an ornamental.

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