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botanical name:
Paeonia officinalis
Paeonia officinalis © Deeproot Plant Base
common name:  Peony
family:  Paeoniaceae
characteristics: perennial
height: 0.60m
width: 0.60m
growth rate: medium
growth habit: clump
leaf colour: green
flower colour: pink
fruit colour: pink
stem/bark: green
main season: Spring
medicinal symbol medicinal
aspect: full sun, part shade
conditions: moist soil, clay soil, sandy soil
preferred soil pH: neutral-alkaline
minimum temp: -23°C
USDA zone: 6 to 8
Clump forming with palmate, green to greyish green leaves. Single cup-shaped flowers of deep magenta pink with yellw stamens. Coral-pink fruits follow, splitting to release the shiny blue-black seeds.

Moist, well drained, deep, fertile soil, neutral or slightly alkaline, in full sun or a little shade.
Strongly resents root disturbance and takes time to re-establish.

From seed or by division of the tuberous roots.

Long history of use as a medicinal herb, but not much used today. The dried root was normally used to treat convulsions and spasmodic nervous conditions. Also a tea was made from the petals as a cough remedy and treatment for haemorrhoids and varicose veins.

other notes:
Native to Southern Europe, from France to the Balkans. Normally found in meadows, woodland and rocky places, usually on limestone soils.
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