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botanical name:
Polygonatum x hybridum
Polygonatum x hybridum © Deeproot Plant Base
common name:  Solomon's seal
synonyms:  Polygonatum multiflorum
family:  Asparagaceae
characteristics: perennial
height: 0.75m
width: 0.90m
growth rate: medium
growth habit: arching
leaf colour: green
flower colour: white
main season: Summer
poison symbol poisonous or irritant
aspect: part shade, shade
conditions: moist soil
preferred soil pH: neutral
minimum temp: -39°C
USDA zone: 3 to 8
Very pretty perennial for shade. Arching stems from which opposite pairs of leaves stand out horizontally and from below which hang the dainty, bell-like white flowers.

Prefers a good fertile soil and some shade. May take a couple of years to establish properly and perform well, so its best to leave them undisturbed after planting.
Can suffer badly from sawfly caterpillar.

By division in early spring or seed in autumn.

Good from shady and woodland areas where there is room for it to spread by the fleshy rhizomatous roots.

other notes:
Probably a cross of Polygonatum multiflorum x Polygonatum odoratum.

Sometimes confused with and sold as Polygonatum multiflorum.


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