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botanical name:
Solanum sisymbriifolium
Solanum sisymbriifolium © Deeproot Plant Base
common name:  Sticky Nightshade, Viscid Nightshade, Thorned Bitter Apple, Wild Tomato, Litchi Tomato
family:  Solanaceae
characteristics: perennial, evergreen, semi-evergreen
height: 1.00m
width: 0.75m
growth rate: fast
growth habit: bushy
leaf colour: green
flower colour: light blue
fruit colour: red
stem/bark: brown & green
main season: Summer
poison symbol poisonous or irritant
edible symbol edible
aspect: full sun, part shade
conditions: moist soil, clay soil, sandy soil
preferred soil pH: neutral-alkaline
minimum temp: -1°C
USDA zone: 10 to 10
Rhizomatous, half-hardy perennial with prickly stems and leaves, which are large and deeply lobed pinnatifid. The brown thorns cover the stems and are also produced along the leaf midribs. Pale blue, lilac or white flowers in summer, followed by fleshy red fruits enclosed in a papery case.

Any resonably fertile, well drained, moist soil in sun or part shade. Tender but may survive slight frosts.

From seed.

Has been undergoing testing as a "trap" crop, to help control potato pests.
The fruits are reputed to be edible, though there is some uncertainty about this.

other notes:
Native to South America and naturalised in several other location, where it is sometimes considered to be an invasive weed.
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