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botanical name:
Solenostemon canina 'Sumcol 01'
Solenostemon canina 'Sumcol 01' © Deeproot Plant Base
common name:  Scardy Cat plant, Pee-off Plant, Piss-off Plant
synonyms:  Coleus canina
family:  Lamiaceae
characteristics: annual/biennial, scented/aromatic
height: 0.45m
width: 0.45m
growth rate:
growth habit:
leaf colour: green
flower colour: violet
main season: Summer
aspect: full sun, part shade
conditions: moist soil
preferred soil pH: any
minimum temp: 4°C
USDA zone: 11 to 11
Annual with good foliage and small, attractive spikes of violet-blue flowers in the summer. Once established, the plant releases a smell that cats and dogs find very unpleasant. The odour is only noticeable to humans when the foliage is touched!

Grow in soil that is not too wet, in sun or part shade.

From cuttings, overwintered in a frost free place to provide plants for the following season.

Grown to repel cats, dogs and possibly other animals from the garden.

other notes:
Raised in Germany

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