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botanical name:
Xanthorhiza simplicissima
Xanthorhiza simplicissima © Deeproot Plant Base
common name:  Yellowroot
synonyms:  Xanthorhiza apiifolia
family:  Ranunculaceae
characteristics: shrub, ground-cover
height: 0.60m
width: 1.50m
growth rate:
growth habit:
leaf colour: green
flower colour: purple
main season: Autumn
aspect: part shade, shade
conditions: moist soil
preferred soil pH: any
minimum temp: -18°C
USDA zone: 7 to 9
Thicket forming, suckering shrub with erect shoots. Bright green, deeply lobed and irregularly toothed pinnate leaves which are bronzy when young and turn red-purple in autumn. Brown-purple flowers in pendant racemes in spring as the leaves emerge.

Moist but not waterlogged soil in full or partial shade.

By division in spring or autumn, or by seed.

Ground cover for shady woodland gardens. Strong autumn colour.

other notes:
Found in moist woodlands and stream banks in the Eastern USA.

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